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Electrical department in HPR was the first department established in 2011. Since then we executed over 100 new building projects and service jobs including vessel’s extension and conversions.

HPR performs high quality electro works within areas:

  • New build Cruise, Merchant and Navy vessels turn-key electrical systems,
  • Retrofit electrical installation,
  • Engineering and execution of all electrical installations up to 120kV,
  • Switchboard Engineering,
  • Fire alarm systems for shipping,
  • Internal control systems,
  • Supervision,
  • Commissioning

Electrical department in HPR started with electrical installation in houses and industry in Norway 2015. Since then HPR-Electro executed one new building project and Installation works executed on tunnel projects.

HPR Onshore Electrical Systems Engineering performs the high quality of electro works within areas:

  • New buildings (House, cabin, industry buildings, tunnels),
  • All electrical installations up to 1kV,
  • Switchboard Engineering
  • Fire alarm systems for houses and farms
  • Internal control systems
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