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HVAC department was established in 2014 as a demand for growing market for design and installation services. HPR up till now is involved in ventures concerning design, installations and services of ventilations and air conditions systems for newly built and refurbished vessels in European shipyards.

Following works can be provided:

  • Concept design and calculations of heating, ventilation, air condition and cooling systems for prototypes, new builds and enlargement of existing systems
  • Technical documentation for designed systems with complete description and selection of equipment ,
  • Design and production of HVAC systems automation,
  • Workshop and assembly documentation for HVAC systems and equipment,
  • Production and installation of thin and thick walled ducting including AC rooms,
  • Installation and ship machinery systems,
  • Installation, connection and preparation for commissioning of HVAC equipment,
  • Cooling systems assembly with steel and copper pipes (chilled water or DX systems),
  • Insulation of AC, heating and cooling systems,
  • System start-up, measurements, regulations, commissioning and crew trainings,
  • As-build documentation,
  • Warranty and post-warranty service of our and foreign realizations.
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